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Alinco Dual Band VHF/UHF Mobile that would be illegal to use on CB band in Australia.

To Adelaide..
Channel 12 UHF CB.


"Can you hear me?"
Roger Roger

Well... It's been a long time since I upgraded this page..
Long overdue I reckon..

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Sawtron KG-107 Commercial UHF Transciever Sawtron KG-880 UHF Transciever Sawtron KM-150 Commercial UHF Transciever

Alinco Radio's - A Quality Supplier of Radio's
Icom Radio's - A Quality Supplier of Radio's
Kenwood Radio's - A Quality Supplier of Radio's
SimocoRadio's - A Quality Supplier of Radio's
Yaesu Radio's - A Quality Supplier of Radio's
Internet Vendors - Companies that sell Ham Radio gear
Butcher Radio Mods - Various Radio Mods, Hints, Tips
More Mods - Various Radio Mods, Hints, Tips
VK3NDS Mods - Various Radio Mods, Hints, Tips
Aust CB RadioFiles - Another SA Website
Amateur Radio UK - UK Ham operators Webpage
WIA Federal Branch - Wireless Institute of Australia
ARRL Welcome - The Welcome page from the ARRL
Ham Bookmarks - Various Radio Related Bookmarks
SA Repeater List - Listing of SA UHF CB Repeaters
VK2NNN Website - VK Website lots of info

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Philips PRM8040 Remote Head PRM80 PRM80's

Chatting to my that hang on and off the side ofchannel 12.

The gang include: (In a totally random order :)

Name/Radio Saying/Website/Picture
Mick - "I'm just brewingwhat will be a lovely drop"
Burger - "Cum get some"
Wolfgang - "I'm not going to get on air"
Ron - "Bloody Politicians!!!!!"
Aaron - "Who's the fat controller?"
Stuart - "Where's the women?"
Rod - "Too much pottylanguage!"
Keith - "Better isWetter"
Ash - "Mushrooms!"
Bundy -"Where's the red bucket man?"
Brad - "Just waiting for midday to clock over..."
Dave - "I'm tired - Is it time for bed?"
Bill - "Too muchinformation!!!"
Kev - "Philip's PRM's aregood"
Scott - " Motorola Linux is the best %$#@ the rest!"
Marcus - "Bargains Deals?"
Greg - "Who wants a game of Red Alert?"
Skippy - "How much do you want for that radio?"

And everyone else ... All the mudducks.... We know who they are!!! :)
Electrophone GME3000 Mobile Electrophone GME4200 Remote Head Electrophone TX4200 Mobile
GME30000 GME4000r GME4200

Philips FM900 FM91 Remote Philips FM900 FM92 Mobile Philips FM900 FM92 Remote Head
FM91 Remote FM92 Mobile FM92 Remote

Philips FM1000

If anyone thinks they should
have been
from the list
or if they want to
provide some images or text
I will update their webpresence

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