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US Government (CIA) involvement in Whitlams dismissal.

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For years I have been a non-vocal political observer.
Now that I am older. (and wiser?)
I have taken to voicing my political opinions.

So here are my opinions on the political system in Australia.

It suks!!!

It might help if I provided some personal, family,
and general Australian political history.
That way you might be able to understand
just "where" I am coming from..
There are many political parties in Australia.

I have greatly over simplified and
stereotyped with the following chart.
But I think you will follow my logic.

Political Parties in Australia
Major Political Parties
Party Who votes for them? Why?
Liberal White collar workers. Businesspeople. Owners and Management. To keep their profits high.
National Farmers. People who live in Country areas. To get a better deal for people in country areas.
Labor Blue collar workers. The masses. General low pay workers. To try and improve everyones pay and conditions.
Minor Political Parties
Party Who votes for them? Why?
Democrats Disillusioned X Labor & Liberals, Some environmentalists. To keep the @astards honest.
One Nation Farmers. People who live in Country areas. Extremists. To get a better deal for people in country areas. To be Extremist.
Greens Blue collar workers. The masses. Environmentalists. Extremists. To try and improve the environment.

Click here for the full list of Australian political parties.

Anyway... On with my little history lesson... lol

My Grandfather on my fathers side was a Farmer. He was an original Irish settler in Gippsland Victoria. My father was born and bred on the family farm. As a result my father always voted for the Country party. (Now the National party)

My Grandfather on my mothers side was a coal miner. He was a Scottish immigrant in Gippsland Victoria. He worked for most of his life in a State operated coal mine. As a result my mother always voted for the Labor party.

Thats "where" I am coming from.

I support the farmers and the blue collar workers.

Now on with the Australian political picture.

We have a system of preferential voting in Australia.
Political parties can "give" their preferences to other parties.
Voting is mandatory. People who do not want to vote receive a fine.

Because of an ongoing Liberal party/National Party coalition. A vote for the National party always results in a vote for the Liberal party. The National party would never be able to make a Federal government by themselves. So they throw their lot in with the Liberal party.

If we had a "first past the post" rather than a "preferential" voting system. The Labor party should always win government. When in coalition government, the National party is like a poor cousin to the Liberal party. The National party never seems to have a very strong voice in the coalition.

The Liberals do make certain considerations to the National party. Like special tax concessions for farmers. Because without the National party support, the Liberal party would "NEVER" be elected due to most mainstream voters being blue collar workers.

When elected. The Liberals usually start by axeing what they consider to be non-essential services. Training for the un-employed, Hospital funding, and Educational spending are a few that come to mind.

The Liberals normally try to impress voters with a budget surplus. Most voters eventually remember the lack of services during a Liberal governments rule.

And so they get voted out of government.

Unfortunately the Labor party makes a very poor government too. They normally overspend on most social issues. They re-instigate programs previously shutdown by an incoming Liberal government. They have been known to haphazardly borrow money from international money lenders to achieve these goals.

Inflation seems to rise whenever we have a Labor government. The Labor government normally increases most blue collar worker paypackets by reviewing minimum wage awards.

The Labor party seems to have more of a social concience than the Liberal/National party coalition. But they are shocking at financial management and normally have short terms in govenment.

Until recently I have always voted for the Labor party. Gough Whitlam was in my opinion the best Prime Minister (05 Dec 1972 - 11 Nov 1975) this country has ever had. He had the "balls" to try and improve overall conditions for the masses.

The Whitlam Labor government was "dismissed"
during 1974 by the Governor General (Sir John Kerr).

Real Audio of Whitlams famous Kerr address

Anyway.. Back to my "Opinions.."

Neither major political party seems to possess the ability to see "the big picture". They are both guilty of mainly initiating programs and policies that operate only during their own government.

There have been one or two memorable exceptions to this.

A government operated health system called Medicare was introduced by the Whitlam Labor government. It was to provide health cover to all Australians at a nominal cost. The funds were aquired and injected into Medicare by applying an automatic Medicare levy on all workers. This was a brilliant system that worked well.

The current Liberal government (2001) have now convinced most Australians to changeover to a private hospital cover system.

How did they get people to do that? If Medicare worked so well?

They started by cutting funding to the health system. Initially public hospital beds were closed down due to inadequate funding. People waiting for elective surgery (non life threatening) were made to wait longer and longer. Eventually public nurses started going on strike over the working conditions in the public hospitals.

It wasn't too hard to convince mainstream Australians to changeover to private hospital cover after that.

Just another example of how subsequent governments oppose each other against the good of the people.

Medicare is still functioning at the moment. Although only low income families that couldn't afford private cover are making use of it. I wonder how long it would last under a long term Liberal government.

And what are my personal opinions on most Australian politicians?

Thought you'd never ask.. lol

I believe that most (80% or greater) politicans have selected this role for themselves to improve their social standing or financial well being. Very few (if any) have a social conscience.

Their primary motivation seems to stem from trying to "Stay in POWER" for as long as possible. They attempt "Damage Control" when things turn against them. But most of the time they avoid the hard questions or issues.

Politicians (mostly) fail to do what they were elected to do. That is to represent the will of the people who elected them in the first place.

It seems to me that people are elected to get things done. Not to put party politics above the wishes of the public.

In a nutshell... In future. I will only vote for Independant (non party) politicians. They might just be there for a good reason. And they will never place party politics above public opinion.

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