Or, How we did to and back in 10 days.

In October 1998. I was able to take the Kids over to Melbourne to see their Grandparents. The following pictures are from that trip. We departed Adelaide in my old 1974 XB Ford Falcon.

She was a nice old car that did the trip admirably. Adelaide to Melbourne is a 10 hour trip. Longer if you waste time. I've driven/rode the distance many times. As a result we didn't waste too much time getting there. The kids handled the trip well. Because I timed the drive overnight, they slept in the warm car most of the way. We arrived in Melbourne early in the morning. Now the hardest part of the trip. Battling Melbourne early morning traffic after travelling interstate overnight. That wakes you up. hehe Having originally come from Melbourne it wasn't unexpected. We continued to our destination. Onto the Princess Highway and out to Dandenong. Head for Phillip Is. (Or Cowes as I know it) and keep going.. We reached Wonthaggi mid morning. The kids finally got to meet Grandad and Grandma

This is Dad and the Kids at Cape Patterson (Wonthaggi Beach)
Below is my sister Marion and her Husband Jack.

This is my Mum who has now passed away. (27/9/2000)
We do miss her dearly.

We saw heaps and did many small trips around Gippsland while we were there.

Above is the Jawbones of a whale on the Tabaners Pub in Wonthaggi.

The kids loved playing at the old war memorial

Mum and Dad own a lovely old house on a large block of land.

The kids absolutely loved the old train in Wonthaggi.

I used to play on this when I was their age.

So I knew they would like it. The kids loved playing on it.

But unfortunately it wasn't in very good condition. As you may be able to tell in the pics. The train had been in that spot for many years. It seems to have gone now. Hopefully whoever took it away is fixing it all up for many other kids to enjoy.

Sarah and Daniel in my old bedroom.

Eventually it was time to return to Adelaide. So back into the faithful XB and off we go. On the way back we decided to stop off in Melbourne.

So we found a car park.

Close to where I used to live. And spent a few hours looking at the City sights.

Flinders Street Station. The National Art Gallery.

And taking Tram rides.

The kids liked the old rattler. hehe (I used to catch one everyday to work once)

After finding the car again we continued out return journey. Stopping in at Ballarat. Sovereign Hill.

And the local Mackery. Where the kids had a Mac good time.

Finally the long drive took its toll and the kids fell asleep. (Around Horsham)

I woke them as we were returning through the Adelaide Hills. We were finally home.

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