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Please add your webpage to my links
I like to see what other people have created on the web.

I dont have any commercial interests in the following companies.
Nor any product that they market.
I recieve no royalties or financial gain,
in any form, from promoting the following products.


I consider them to be "Almost ESSENTIAL"
For general purpose operations (surfing or webmaster) on the web. :)

The first thing everyone should have is

Then you need a GOOD download manager.
I use and recomend DLExpert.
It's freeware and non spyware.. :)


Some companies "GIVE" you shareware or freeware
that infects your computer system with Spyware. :(
Not all Shareware or Freeware is Spyware.
You have to be discriminating to know the difference.
Use Spychecker before you download.
This site informs you about spyware - Dont download spyware!!

Spyware will literally spy on your surfing habits.
It keeps track of where you go and how often.
It reports back to the company in control of the spyware.
Using your bandwidth for their purposes.
Without your knowledge.

!!!SPYWARE!!! Booo Hisss (blow the whistle)
Tell your friends!
This site informs you about spyware - Be scared... Be very scared!!

ZoneAlarm is
In my opinion:
the "BEST freeware firewall
anti-spyware utility
This is one of the BEST freeware firewall programs so far written!

Have you already been infected with spyware?
I bet you have been... lol
I was.. But not anymore.. Thanks to Ad-Aware
Has your system been INFECTED with spyware?? (I bet it has...)

How important is it to YOU to be anonymous on the net?
Here is an example of what information you are "GIVING AWAY" right now!

Do you want to surf anonymously?
Totally for free?
(and it's non spyware!)
Download MultiProxy for anonymous surfing

Some webpages will trace your movements when surfing.
(via cookies)
Want to stop them? Then get Idcide!
Download IDcide to provide low, medium or high cookie security

So much for the doom and gloom..
Now it's time to have some fun!

Want to play music?
mp3's?, mids?, wavs? or just CD's on your PC?

You better get WinAmp

Maybe you should help the world find ET?
Well you can if you want to...
Join the worlds BIGGEST computing task!! Look for ET at home!!

Now it's time to communicate!
Get ICQ to chat with people.

I also use PALTALK
Because it's one of the best FREE Voice chat systems.

After awhile you may want to set up a FREE webpage.
I use a variety of FREE servers.

Provider Storage
Geocities 15 MB
Tripod 50 MB
Fortunecity 100 MB
Angelfire 50 MB
Dencity 25 MB

Without doubt the BEST FREE webpage hosting service

No space restrictions when you host your own pages!
It might be a bit slow tho..
Depending on your connect speed and your computer.

Good fun though...
You need to do a couple of things

Get a FREE Domain name

Go to www.ipupdater.com!

I am http://lazerzap.ipupdater.com/


Unless I am busy. lol
You can always find out
If my machine is online and/or serving
by checking the above urls :)

Then, you need a http server..
to serve out your webpages.
A very good free server is Apachie

Finally, you just gotta make a webpage on your PC!!
That can't be too hard? Can it??

When you finally have that website going to perfection.
It's time to submit it to the various search engines.

Try this.

TOP 21 FREE Submission!
Add this Free Form on Your web site - CLICK HERE !
Default Engines Additional Engines
go / infoseek
inktomi / canada
acoon (.de)
altavista (.au)
altavista-de (.de)
anzwers (.au .nz)
euroferret (european)
fireball (.de)
intersearch-au (.au)
voila (.fr)
webwombat (.au .nz)

Increase your site's position !

Or you could try this..

The FREE ADDME service will add your website url to 30 search engines.
Got a webpage but cant find it in any search engines?

After you get that website going.
You might want to eventually play with CGI script?
Perl is a programming language.

Then you will need a FREE redirection service?
For that new website?

One of mine is http://zap.to/954
Another is http://come.to/lazerzap
or http://on.to/954

Got a webpage but the url is too long to remember?
You can get one for FREE as well. Just go to http://come.to

Boardhost provide a FREE message board for your website.
A very nice FREE Message Board for your webpage
You can even edit any entries!

For a FREE guestbook with HEAPS of options
Free GuestBooks by Phaistos Networks!
It's what I'm using now!

If the above software doesn't interest you.
You can always try these sites.
Over the years I have had many downloads from them. :)

I used to recomend this site Hopefully STROUD will stay as is. A decent download site!

Some examples of my html efforts. (Done some time ago)
These are Friends webpages I have created or helped to create.

Burger's Webpage
Mick's Webpage
Belinda's Webpage
Keith's Webpage
Rick's Webpage
Karen's Webpage
Desertrat666's Website

Various homes for Lazerzap Lazerweb.
(I refuse to loose my webpage again!)

Lazerzap's LazerWEB at Geocities
Lazerzap's LazerWEB at Tripod
Lazerzap's LazerWEB at Fortune City
Lazerzap's LazerWEB at Angelfire
Lazerzap's LazerWEB at NBCi
Lazerzap's LazerWEB at Chariot

Parts of Lazerweb.
But NOT on the Lazerweb Main Menu or toolbar.

Lazerzap's FREE Blue Backgrounds
Lazerzap's FREE Midi's

Other Webpages I have created.
External to Lazerweb

Lazerzap's ICQ/IRC Chatpage
Lazerzap's 1998 Interstate Journey

Some good friends.
That have setup their own webpages

Grim Reeper aka Kev aka Zero One's Webpage
Mitchel Electronics aka Uncle Rod aka Fishing Rod's Webpage
Terry's Webpage

If anyone would like to link to my website.
Just copy and paste the following onto your webpage.

<!-- Start of LazerWEB Link --><br><br><center>Please Click here to visit LazerWEB<br><A target="_blank" HREF="http://lazerzap.com/website/ron.php"><IMG SRC="http://lazerzap.com/website/lazerlogo4.gif" border="0" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="60" ALT="Lazerzap's LazerWEB - All visitors Welcome!" TITLE="Lazerzap's LazerWEB - All visitors Welcome!"></A><br><br></center><!-- End of LazerWEB Link -->

Once installed you should have the following link on your webpage.

Please Click here to visit LazerWEB
Lazerzap's LazerWEB - All visitors Welcome!

After successfully installing a link to this site
You may display the following "AWARD".

This website has displayed proficiency in HTML - Visit LAZERWEB for your own AWARD

You can copy the following html to your webpage.

<!-- Start of LazerWEB Award Link --><br><br><center>AWARDED for HTML<br><A target="_blank" HREF="http://lazerzap.com/website/ron.php"><IMG SRC="http://lazerzap.com/website/lazerseal2.gif" border="0" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="140" ALT="This website has displayed proficiency in HTML - Visit LAZERWEB for your own AWARD" TITLE="This website has displayed proficiency in HTML - Visit LAZERWEB for your own AWARD"></A><br>PROFICIENCY<br><br></center><!-- End of LazerWEB Award Link -->

Send me some EMAIL? Send me some EMAIL? Send me some EMAIL?

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