From 1993 until 1995, Barbara owned (and I operated) R&D Computers.
This location had previously operated as a computer retail outlet.
It was in a good location. Had plenty of parking.

My name is Ron.
My friend who was involved in the running of this business was Dave.
Thats why it was called R&D.

This was a thriving business.
It was always busy. We never had a chance to scratch ourselves. lol

We closed the business on Nov 21st 1995.

R.I.P. R&D Computers
It was a sad time for all.

This is how the shop looked when heading toward Adelaide.

A view heading from Adelaide.

Just one configuration. lol
I changed around the shop many times.

Taken slightly to the left and further back of the last image.
Door to the left leads to the secondhand area.

Looking down at one of the display cases.

Some of the new stock on display.

Another image of the new stock.

From the other end. Looking toward the main counter.

This is the main counter area.
The receipt computer/fax machine. Cash Drawer.

Adelaide weather in winter. Gave some breathing space. lol

The secondhand (Trade In's) area.
More profit on these than the new stuff.

Dave working in the workshop.
A "good tech".

My family and I lived behind the shop.
It was an old style bluestoned 3 bedroom house.
Here is a view of the loungeroom

We also operated a free bbs.
2 Phone lines. 800+ users.
We networked most machines in the shop.
So that we could access the bbs from anywhere.

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