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I was living in Goulburn NSW.
A good friend of mine, (T.R.) Sold me my RE5 around 1984 for $1200.
I rode it around Goulburn for awhile. Eventually I moved to Melbourne.

I used to ride the beast to and from work every morning (40+ miles)
I rode the RE5 for about 3 years.
After awhile I had some problems getting her to start.
I moved to Adelaide but the RE5 stayed in Melbourne.
Parked at the back of my Grandmothers house in Dandenong.
Covered in plastic sheeting to try and preserve the finish.
Unfortunately many years later my Grandmother died.
Her house was sold, and the RE5 was moved to my Mother and Fathers
garage in Wonthaggi.
It's been in that garage ever since.
During infrequent visits to Mum and Dad's, I tried to start her again.
The rotor had siezed.
I eventually managed to get the rotor to move again.
With lots of oil down the spark plug hole.
It took 2 years to get her to turn over again.
When I try and start her.
I get some popping and smoke out of the exhaust.
But she refuses to fire.
I flattened my Dad's Chevy car battery trying a few times. lol

When she was running. I remember the RE5 to have very smooth power.
Starting from scratch rev's with no nasty powerband.
It used to pick up rev's the same in top gear as when in first! (Nearly :)
I remember it to be a very thirsty beast on the open road.
(Maybe I just got a heavy wrist..... )

One day on my way to work. (Around 1985)
I was in a hurry. Maybe even half asleep.
Anyway I dropped her into the back of a Jaguar MkII..
Not pretty. Smashed up the instruments.
You can see them being held on with insulation tape in the followingpictures.
That accident also wiped out an indicator or two.
I'm afraid my RE5 has seen much better days.
She's not restored or pretty like some on the net.
I would love to do her up.

But I'm starting to think I need too many parts.
The engine doesn't fire anymore.
I chewed a few ford v8 spark plugs through the rotor..
Not good..
So I may be in the market for another RE5 for parts.
Or maybe I would sell my RE5. ($500 Au Firm)
It is now in my Sisters backyard, (In the weather) Still in Wonthaggi.
(The buyer at their own expense would have to arrange transport for theRE5)
If your interested in buying her or have maybe you have a parts bike forsale.
(I would be interested in either a Melbourne or Adelaide RE5)
Please send me an email.
I would pay up to $500 Au for a good parts bike.

News Update July 2002: My RE5 has been sold.
Please don't send anymore emails to buy this RE5.

I would be in the market to purchase a good running RE5.
If anyone wants to sell me one in South Australia.

Send me some email about the bike.
(And of course I would arrange transport for it)
Otherwise I will just have to dream about owning and riding an RE5.
And dream and

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RE5 Specifications
Engine Type NS U- Wankel rotary, liquid cooled
Displacement 497 cc
Horsepower 62 hp l6,500 rpm
Torque 54.9ft lb l3,500 rpm
Top Speed 110 mph
Quarter Mile 13.9 sec, 93 mph
Carburetor Mikuni, 18-32 HHD
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Starter System Electric and kick
Transmission 5-speed, constant mesh
Suspension: Front fork Telescopic, oil-dampened
Suspension: Rear swing arm Oil-dampened, 5-way Adjustable
Ground Clearance 6.7 in
Front Brake Hydraulic caliper dual disc
Rear Brake Internal expanding
Front Tire 3.25H19-4PR
Rear Tire 4.OOH]8-4PR
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.5 gal
Fuel consumption 31-33 mpg
Length 87.4 in
Width 34.3 in
Height 46.1 in
Wheel Base 59.1 in
Dry Weight 507 lbs
Color Firemist Blue, Firemist Orange

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