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"In my opinion"
I am lucky to be living in Australia. People in most other countries don't enjoy the freedom or lifestyle that the average Australian does. I am proud to be an Australian.
However, Australians have a problem. What to do about our policital system. At the moment Australians are being asked to think about a Republic. Later on we will vote on the issue. I personally think NOW is the time for Australia to stand alone. The arguements are endless for and against. All I know is that there is NO advantage to be gained through keeping the English Queen as Australia's monarch. Having said that. The way the referendum is being conducted is a farce. The questions should be straight forward without any confusion. Maybe ask 5 or 6 questions with a YES or NO answer to make SURE that the opinions formed from the ballot are accurate. Not because it was a better or less threatening outcome than the other singular option offered. The questions asked should be:

1) Should we keep everything the way it is?

2) Should we become a republic?

3) Do you want the Queen to remain in our policital system?

4) Do you want a President as head of Government?

5) Do you want your Members of Parliament to elect the President?

6) Do you want the President elected by the people? (2/3 majority)

There is NO WAY we will be a republic soon. Our current Government has little interest in anything that doesn't benefit big business or to a much lesser degree the farmers. Everyone in Australia knows it. Most people I talk to are starting to feel frustrated or angry about it too. It's the frustration felt when you hear about HOSPITAL BEDS being CLOSED DOWN against rising demand. The frustration felt when at the same time a local entertainment center is having it's seating upgraded for the Olympics. The frustration when you hear that 10 times the amount of money to keep the HOSPITAL BEDS going will be expended on that entertainment center instead. Most importantly, so far it has been reported, that one person has already died as a result of this HOSPITAL BEDS reduction policy. The person(s) responsible for CUTTING BACK on the FUNDING should be tried for manslaughter. He should be found innocent only if it is determined that the money HAD to be cut from the hospital system. However we all know that those people are GUILTY because they DIDN'T HAVE TOO cut down on the amount of hospital beds. They just had to CUT DOWN on UPGRADES to NON ESSENTIAL SERVICES. Like upgraded seating in the entertainment center. Something else that really gets in my gut. WHY WHY WHY do they have to sell off the farm? The public generally don't want it. They say it's always to fix a financial problem of a previous Governement. Sux bad. The politicials should manage their money better. There should be NO NEW UNESSENTIAL spending until we have our finances in order. NO OLYMPICS. It cost money. NO ANYTHING that costs extra. Balance the books and not through selling off the assets of my children. Previous generations have bequethed those assets to the surviving population. The surviving population has no right to deprive future generations of the quality of life that we inherrited from previous generations by selling off those assets. We have a good quality of life because of the safety net that these Government owned utilities and assets provided. I shudder to think of the impact these sell off decisions may have on future Australian citizens. I just can't believe that the current government can sell assets that I own as a taxpayer. I personally didn't have anything to do with increasing the Governements debt. I and previous generations have provided via taxes and charges the upgrades and improvements to these utilities and assets. But when the assets get sold do I get some kind of compensation from the sale? NO. The Government gets to pay off it's debt. I suppose I should get a WARM and FUZZY feeling for finally paying off the Governements bill. But the real issue is HOW DO I STOP THE GOVERNMENT FROM DOING IT AGAIN? How do I stop these power hungry fools from making stupid decisions that cost the people of this country so much? So the bill gets paid. Next year Mr BOZO (State Premier) makes some BAD DECISIONS and costs us money again. Where does it end. RIGHT HERE. As far as I'm concerned the Government has NO RIGHT to sell of public assets or utilities. These items should be made UNTOUCHABLE to ANY GOVERNMENT. The remaining Government assets should be deemed NON PROFIT. To make up to the people for the loss of all the assets already sold. The people who work in those organisations should be convinced that they have to work at PEAK PERFORMANCE so that they can compete in an open environment. We do not want company monopolies anymore. In that way we will be able to compete in those areas and finally for the good of the people.

Excuse any errors - I was in a hurry - No spellcheck.. Oh well..
Dribble more later... CYA

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