Ron's Extended Resume

OBJECTIVE: To find an interesting position that will make use of the varied computer skills I offer, while training me in new technology as it becomes available.
EDUCATION: Dandenong High School, Dandenong, VIC: 1971 - 1976
MILITARY SERVICE: RAAF Air Training Corps. Cadet. Rank: NCO. Stationed: 3 Flight Brighton, VIC. 1972 - 1976.

Working Experience

Duration: 11/1993 - 11/1995
Business Name: R&D Computers. 279 Prospect Rd, BLAIR ATHOL, SA.
Supervisors Name: Barbara Schrepel.
Supervisors Title: Owner.
Phone Number: (08) 82647768.
Employed as: General Manager/Technician.
Duties Performed: Management/Assembler/Tech. Performed the assembly, configuration and testing and sales of new and used 386SX/DX, 486DLC/SLC/SX/DX, Cyrix 586/686, AMDK5/K6, and PENTIUM P1 systems.
Experience Gained: ISA VESA PCI, MFM RLL IDE SCSI ESDI Hard Drives, Video Capture Hardware/Software, Linux, OS2 Warp 3.0, Windows 95, Lantastic NOS, Novell Lite, SCO UNIX 3.2, Moxa/Stallion Multi Port Serial (12) Cards, Internet, and WEB page design. Internet Server configuration. etc etc.

Duration: 07/1990 - 08/1992
Business Name: Intertan Australia Pty Ltd. 99 Kurrajong Ave, Mt Druitt, NSW.
Supervisors Name: Jeff Beaumont.
Supervisors Title: Regional Support Services Manager
Phone Number: (02) 6751222.
Employed as: Computer/Customer Support Officer.
Duties Performed: Provided computer customer support via telephone/modem or letters to Australasia. Disk redumping, Training of staff/customers, Reconfiguring Systems, Configuration of Databases (Inhouse), System Operator for 3 Unix Sys V systems. Partial design and publishing of inhouse computer training manuals. Evaluation of sample 286/386 machines for computer merchandising dept. Evaluation of various peripherals.
Experience Gained: Lantastic Networks, Multimedia Configurations, MSDOS 6.2

Duration: 6/1989 - 8/1990
Business Name: Intertan Australia Pty Ltd. 156 Grand Junction Rd, Rosewater, SA.
Supervisors Name: Jeff Beaumont.
Supervisors Title: National Support Services Manager
Phone Number: (02) 6751222.
Employed as: Computer Support Officer.
Duties Performed: Based in Adelaide. Servicing SA, TAS & NT. Telephone support during configurations and onsite problem solving. Helpdesk/Training/Software-Hardware Technician role.
Experience Gained: MSDOS 5.0 Xenix SysV WINDOWS IDE's 286's Unix.

Duration: 6/1987 - 6/1989
Business Name: Tandy Electronics. 108 West Tce, Adelaide, SA.
Supervisors Name: Brian Coombes.
Supervisors Title: District Manager
Phone Number: (02) 6751222.
Employed as: Store Manager.
Duties Performed: Trained as Assistant Store Manager - 06-87 09-87. Managed Rosewater Store - 09-87 07-88 Managed Findon Store - 07-88 06-89, Sales, Stock Control, Staff Control, Marketing Merchandising, Banking, etc
Experience Gained: Professional Sales Skills, MSDOS 3.3, Xenix Sys III, Business Software. Unix UUCP, Usenet and Unix mail.

Duration: 2/1984 - 11/1985
Business Name: Tandy Computer Centre. Bourke St Mall, Melbourne, VIC.
Supervisors Name: Peter Anderson.
Supervisors Title: Computer Center Manager
Phone Number: (02) 6751222.
Employed as: Training Intructor/Customer Support Officer/Computer Merchandising Representative.
Duties Performed: Initially employed as a CMR (Computer Marketing Rep.) [Salesman] After demonstration of some computer skills I was asked to become the Computer Center's TI/CSO (Training Instructor/Computor Support Officer) Training for Staff/Customers, Telephone Support for Staff/Customers.
Experience Gained: TRSDOS, MSDOS 1.2, XENIX Ver 7, Lotus 123 (B), Attache, Inhouse S/ware.

Duration: 3/1982 - 5/1983
Business Name: Tandy Electronics. 68 Main Street, GOULBURN, NSW.
Supervisors Name: Garry Carroll.
Supervisors Title: District Manager
Phone Number: (02) 6751222.
Employed as: Store Manager.
Duties Performed: Sales, Stock Control, Merchandising, Marketing, Staff Management, Banking. etc etc.
Experience Gained: Professional Sales, Stock Control, Merchandising, Marketing, Spreadsheet - Visicalc, Database - Profile, Word Processing - Scripsit.


Tandy Computer Centre, Direct Supervisor. Melbourne VIC. Computer Centre Manager at Tandy Computer Centre.
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Customer Support, Immediate Superior. Mt DRUITT NSW. Regional Support Services Manager at InterTan Australia.
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Mrs. Terry Vink. Holden Hill. South Australia.
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Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Sex: Male
Age: 40+
Marital Status: Single
Comments: Two Children. Free to travel, but not to relocate
Hobbies: Internet, Computers, Radio Communications, Coin Collecting
Mobile Phone: 0415-319-449
ICQ: 73136872

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