What do you want to know about me for?

I was born in Dandenong Victoria on the 26th day of October 1957
(That makes me a Scorpio).

Wonthaggi (Gipsland, Victoria) has been the traditional hometown for my mothers family since they emigrated from Banknock, Scotland in 1924.

My Fathers father (Grandad Conron) was born in Tarwin Lower (Gipsland, Victoria) around 1898. When I was young, (From when I was 5 until I turned 10) I went to live in Wonthaggi. Where Dad and Mum owned and operated the Hicksborough Store. After a few years we returned to Dandenong. That's when Dad bought the 57 Chevy. From 1971 until 1976 I attended Dandenong High School.

Many years later, I now have 2 wonderful children. Sarah and Daniel (They are both my pride and joy). As you may have seen. I have various hobbies that you may have seen too. I love cars and motorcycles as well as CB radio. I have a Suzuki RE5 motorcycle and a 1957 Chevy to keep me sane. Though some people may have a different opinion.

A few people I know think I spend too much time on the Internet. I'm afraid I can't argue with that. But I enjoy finding decent links and generally looking around the net. Not to mention creating webpages. I also enjoy chatting with ICQ and IRC and I find it a requirement to have good client software for TELNET, and FTP.

I have been "into computers" since 1979. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. So I guess this website has said HEAPS already... :) Anyway have some Images of me... (You've come this far... You seem brave..lol)

Yep.. Even then I was into Cars.. lol. Click for Larger Image.I call this my FAT picture... No the width and height are correct.. Click for a Larger Image.Holding Sarah with the X looking on... Click for a Larger Image.
Upstairs at R&D Computers.. R&D BBS is in the background...  Click for a Larger Image.After the X and I split.. At Ian's place in Largs Bay.. Click for a Larger Image.On the net at Largs Bay.. Simon in the background.. Laughing at something off the net.. Click for a Larger Image.

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