Close up's of my Suzuki RE5 Rotary Road Motorcycle.

Here's a picture of my old Honda 350 Four and my old Honda 400 Four.

One day I was screaming down the road on my Honda 400/4 (with the cutoff exhaust). So it was loud. Very loud. I was travelling through heavy traffic. Making myself a lane. When I noticed this other motorcycle in front of me. Making a lane for himself too. He heard me coming up behind him. Thanks to the cutoff exhaust. He started to get really into it. We were flying in between the heavy traffic. After awhile we broke clear of the cars and the speed started to increase. 140, 160, then 180klms per hour. I was down under the bikini fairing. Trying to stay with the other rider. The 400/4 was running at peak revs. We hit Darlington Hill. It started to get bendy now. I slowed down as we were going down the hill. Not the other rider tho. I observed him leaving huge lines of sparks on the corners. Too Much!!.. lol. Next thing the other rider passed a hotted up Alfa. (You know.. big mags.. low profile tyres.. big fat exhaust) The Alfa driver poured it on to try and catch up with the bike that just screamed past him. Smoke started to piss out of the Alfa. Heaps of smoke. The faster the Alfa went the more smoke that came out of it. I rapped it on again. But my little 400/4 really just couldn't match the other 2 vehicles acceleration. (The guy on the bike was riding a Honda 750/4 K6) At the bottom of the hill (at a red light) It looked like the guy on the bike was arguing with the guy in the Alfa. I pulled up in between the car and the other bike. I asked the guy in the car what the problem was. The light changed and the Alfa sped off. Still blowing huge amounts of smoke. It looked like the Alfa had dropped a couple of oil rings during the short race. I introduced myself to the guy on the bike. His name was Steve. We became firm friends from that point on.
Here is an image of Steve on his GL1000.

Click here for the full image

He is gone now.
Years later... Steve rolled a car and was killed in the accident.
I will always miss him.
And I will never forget his friendship.

A Suzuki T500 (Titan), Yamaha TX750, and a Suzuki GT750.

The Images below are NOT the actual motorcycles that I used to own.
It just gives you an idea of what each bike looked like.
(A big THANKYOU to all the sites that I obtained the images from.)

Motorcycles I have owned in the order I owned them.
(Thats why some are repeated)

Bikes year dates are "very" approximate.
This list will change as my memory improves.

Click on an Image to see a larger picture.

ImageDate MadeMakeCC'sComments
1968 Suzuki T250 Hustler - Mine was exactly the same but in Orange. Siezed her solid after a piston exploded 1968Suzuki250Hustler 6 Speed Gearbox
The dreaded K model Suzuki GT550. Stuffed starter motor. Mine was dark blue. I smashed into the back of a truck between Yass and Goulburn. Mega Damage - Which I fixed up. 1974Suzuki550GT-550 K Model - (Broken electric start)
Suzuki GT250 - Mine was the same color. I had it for 2 weeks. Sold it to get the 400/4.1979Suzuki250GT-250 Purchased brand new
My first 400/4 had a cute bikini fairing and a cut off exauste - Sounded like a big bike. lol. I first went to Adelaide on this one. Sold it to get my first car. Not a good move. lol1976Honda400400 Four Cylinder "Supersports"
My first GT750 Suzuki. I scared the shit out of Steve the day I bought this bike. Well he refused to take no for an answer. Wanted to be pillion when I rode it home. He got his revenge eventually. One day I had to go pillion on his bike. lol.1974Suzuki750GT-750
Honda Goldwing GL1000 - This is the bike Steve scared me on. lol. I bought it from him. It was worked. With a sexy 4 into 1. A wing that actually had ground clearance. Amazing. 1980Honda1000GL-1000 Goldwing

ImageDate MadeMakeCC'sComments
The love affairs with the Water Bottle continued. This one had BIG carbys. 80 thou oversized pistons. Expansion Chambers. etc. Was good for 135Mph. Blew her up on South Road at Old Noarlunga. Dragging a XY GTHO. What fun!! lol 1975Suzuki750GT-750 (810 kit - 135Mph)
The dreated Mach III. What a goer. 5500 on the tacho and the front wheel comes up. Wicked!! I smashed this one on South Road at Reynella. A Datsun changed lanes on front of me without indicating. The fact I was doing 110Mph and low in a corner didnt help either. lol. I carry the memory via a smashed shoulder that still aches in winter.1974Kawasaki5001st at the bottom
Another bloody GT750. lol. This one was standard except for a Bromlec 3 into 1. 115Mph. And all my mates Honda 750/4's could out top end me. :(( 1974Suzuki750GT-750
So I had to buy a 750/4 lol. Mine was chopped. With 6 inch oversized front end. Lowering blocks. But no raked frame. It handled like a total pig. I swapped all the chopper bits to a mate for his standard stuff. Good move. Sold it in Goulburn NSW cos I didnt have a licence.1972Honda750K2
This plastic suzuki kept blowing up on me. $800 for a blown oil pump when I missed a gear change. Later it totally blew the big ends, cracked the barrels, bend the valves. I was pissed off. I sold it for $500. Never buy one again!!1979Suzuki1100GSX 1100 First Model - Not a Katana
A K6 750/4. Nice clean motorcycle. I bought it as a basket case. Rebuilt it. But had an arguement with my X one day. Sold it for $150 just to shut her up. lol1974Honda750K6

ImageDate MadeMakeCC'sComments
Another little 400/4. I bought this one as a wreck. It had been totally trashed. I had to replace almost everything on it. Just as well it was cheap to begin with.1976Honda400400F Four Supersports - Total Rebuild
Swapped the last 400/4 for this one. It was a 400/4 what else can you say. lol1975Honda400400F Four Supersports
I blew this baby up. Had to buy a replacement donk. The frame was cracking up badly. So I moved her along. Sad really. I really enjoyed riding it.1976Kawasaki900Z1
I still have this machine. I rode it interstate a couple of times. Very heavy on fuel. After chewing a few spark plugs through the motor. It refuses to start. I am about to purchase a replacement motor for it. I can hardly wait. Cos she screams. lol1974Suzuki500RE-5 (Rotary)
Bad luck bike. Cost too much. Blew up 2 weeks later. Cost a lot to fix. Then I was cut off by a cage. The cage insurance didnt come close to what it had cost me. :((1981Honda900Boldoor
Now this thing flew. It was fuel injected. Excellent to ride. Scared me more than once. I loved it. The dreaded X wanted me to sell it before I made my kids Fatherless. lol. So I did.1981Kawasaki1100B1 (Fuel Injected)

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